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10 years of Modeling & Simulation

Back in January 2005, ForwardSim was created by a few talented professional dreaming of product and services so efficient that they will revolutionize the decision making process and simplify simulation implementation. With a clear vision to bring simulation technology in unfamiliar application area to better support decision making ForwardSim started its activities with consulting services contracts and continuously invested in the development of innovative technology enabling access to the power of distributed simulation.

With a strong focus on model development efficiency, the HLA Toolbox for MATLAB and the HLA Blockset for Simulink have been the first products licensed by ForwardSim. Combining MATLAB and the High Level Architecture (HLA) brings interoperability and reusability to engineering and model based design. Simplifying implementation details to make sure valuable time is spent on model development has always been our first objective.

In the past years, we have continuously served our customers with innovative products and services while paying a lot of attention to customer support. ForwardSim has a well-established international distribution network and valuable partners reaching out to support really interesting projects with major players of the M&S community like BAE Systems, GE, NUWC, Volvo, Sandia National Research and many more.

For our 10th anniversary, we are putting everything in place to be recognized as the Canadian specialist in distributed simulation and positioned ourselves as a major player in North America. We will continue to work internationally and improve our visibility through our partners while improving existing commercial products.

Let’s keep in touch on a monthly basis and make sure you have a look at our 10th anniversary free tools starting with this month featured product; the distributed simulation plugin for XPlane built in a few hours with the powerful DSim API.

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