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  • CrowdWays HLA integration

    As a proud sponsor of the SISO SimSmackdown event now renamed the Simulation Exploration Experience (SEE), ForwardSim provides distributed simulation tools to participants from different universities so they can quickly get up to speed with distributed simulation and bring their knowledge to this experiment. In 2013, ForwardSim joined the federation execution with its crowd simulator CrowdWays to demonstrate a successful integration of DSim API in ...

  • Red Bull Crashed Ice 2011

    CrowdWays has been used to model and analyze one of the most prestigious events happening in Quebec city in the past years. The Red Bull Crashed Ice is a very popular event gathering an impressive crowd in the small streets of the old part of town. ForwardSim worked with the local authority to analyze site configuration, provide security recommendations and refine emergency measures for the ...

  • Stadium simulation

    A simulation of the 2012 Olympic games stadium in London where 50 000 people are moving out of the stadium. We can see people moving out of their seat, walking up or down the stairs towards the nearest exit. This simulation provides information about the time required to empty the entire stadium, counts the number of people that went through strategic and pre-defined areas, allow ...

  • CrowdWays

    CrowdWays evacuation scenario from a Brazilian city building. This video shows several people evacuating a multilevel building from the two main exits. Smooth transition between the different floors, collision avoidance, excellent 3D visualization and several real-time metrics are calculated.