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>> Rapidly Develop Powerful Simulations

Accelerate simulation implementation
>> Rapidly develop HLA compatible models

The HLA Toolbox for MATLAB efficiently connects your MATLAB environment as a HLA federate and let you interact with any HLA compliant federation.

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Bridging Engineering & Simulation
>> Interoperate with Simulink

The HLA Blockset is the Simulink library enabling seamless connection between precise and reliable engineering models and Live – Virtual – Constructive (LVC) simulations.

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About ForwardSim
Innovative ThinkingInteroperabilityFlexible SolutionsBuilding SuccessCustomer Support
Innovative Thinking
Innovative Thinking
Rational and Creative Approach

Optimize confidence and efficiency in your decision processes. Our successful experience with demanding industries such as Aerospace, Defense and Manufacturing has confirmed our mathematical and engineering skills related to problem solving capability.


Industry standard

Solution Compatibility

ForwardSim specialized in distributed simulation ten years ago following industry standards and providing maximum flexibility to its customers. Building on expert knowledge and industry feedback, ForwardSim has adopted the IEEE standard for distributed simulation known as HLA1.3, IEEE 1516-2000 and IEEE 1516-2010.

Flexible Solutions

Flexibility & Agility

Evolving solutions

Our commercial products have been designed to be agile, flexible and capable to evolve with our customer requirements. At ForwardSim, we are continuously striving to improve our internal processes to better support our customers.

Building Success
Working Together
Optimize your success

We work hard at getting a good understanding of your specific industry challenges, as it can be applied to our in-depth knowledge of process modeling and simulation. Working with your team of experts, we will create the appropriate solution for you to make better-informed decision while minimizing the associated risk.

Customer Support
Support, support, support
At the heart of everything we do

Providing exceptional technical support is not only good for business. We strongly believe that it builds lasting relationships. It is at the heart of everything we do at ForwardSim. Ever since the foundation of our company back in 2005, we are most proud of our excellent reputation.

What We Do?
ForwardSim specializes in decision-making process improvement through analytical modeling and simulation. We provide flexible solutions and a rational approach for risk mitigation. ForwardSim excels in process modeling, distributed simulations and crowd management.

Distributed simulation (HLA)
Simulation implementation
Decision support solutions
Process modeling
Mathematical modeling
Custom software development
Risk analysis
Crowd management
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