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Simulink Coder support

Simulink Coder support (RealTime WorkShop) The HLA Blockset developer license is compatible with Simulink Coder providing speed improvement and deployment capability to HLA federates developed with Simulink. Two code generation modes are available: HLA Blockset developer : generates C++ Code with dependencies on ForwardSim’s libraries HLA Blockset coder : generates full HLA-Compliant code without any dependencies on ForwardSim’s libraries. In both cases, the generated code is royalty free and can be run on any computer where the RTI binaries are available. The process to convert your ... Read more

April’s Tip

Handling strings in Simulink Simulink has not been design to work with strings but there is a lot of situation where strings are useful, particularly within an HLA federation.  The HLA Blockset provides three blocks to handle strings: HLAString:                        Used to create a string HLAStringCompare:     Returns 1 if the values are the same HLAStringDisplay:         Display a string The later, the HLAStringDisplay is a wonderful debugging tool because it can ... Read more


The HLA Toolbox provides a licensing option to export HLA federates developed in MATLAB into standalone executable applications using the MATLAB Compiler. This deployment feature provides a way to run the full federate without MATLAB license. The compiled federate is royalty free, has no restriction and will run on any computer. To compile your federate, just run the “hlaDeploy” command on the main file (entry point of your MATLAB code). >> hlaDeploy  mainHelloWorld.m Building your model for deployment ... Once your model has been built, ... Read more

Supporting education (SEE)

April is SEE time. The Simulation Exploration Experience (SEE) organized by NASA has been supported by ForwardSim from its humble start in 2009. SEE is a distributed simulation challenge. Geographically distributed inter-university teams work in conjunction with one another to design, develop, test, and execute a simulated lunar mission. As an active partner, ForwardSim provides free software licences augmented with technical and engineering support to SEE participants. Once again this year, teams are using ForwardSim products in order to be more efficient at ... Read more