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April’s Tip

Handling strings in Simulink Simulink has not been design to work with strings but there is a lot of situation where strings are useful, particularly within an HLA federation.  The HLA Blockset provides three blocks to handle strings: HLAString:                        Used to create a string HLAStringCompare:     Returns 1 if the values are the same HLAStringDisplay:         Display a string The later, the HLAStringDisplay is a wonderful debugging tool because it can ... Read more

Using Simulink time in timeAdvanceRequest

Using Simulink time with timeAdvanceRequest The HLA Blockset manage the federate simulation time through the "Initialize" block whenever you have a time managed federate. It is important to specify that there will be no time management for your federate unless you make it Time Regulating and/or Time Constrained. The user interface for the "Initialize" block provides a way to specify the federate Time Step in the Time Management section. Regardless of the Simulink time, your federate will use this value by default (in this ... Read more

HLA Toolbox speed optimization

HLA Toolbox speed optimization MATLAB is a powerful environment allowing users to control almost every aspect of code execution. This flexibility sometimes come at the expense of execution speed. In a distributed simulation environment, the need to process callbacks with a high incoming rate is common and it's achievable using the HLA Toolbox. The HLA Toolbox receive the callbacks from the RTI in a string format that needs to be executed by feval(). The result is a fluid experience and an easy access to debugging information. This ... Read more