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Simulink Coder support (RealTime WorkShop)

The HLA Blockset developer license is compatible with Simulink Coder providing speed improvement and deployment capability to HLA federates developed with Simulink. Two code generation modes are available:

  • HLA Blockset developer : generates C++ Code with dependencies on ForwardSim’s libraries
  • HLA Blockset coder : generates full HLA-Compliant code without any dependencies on ForwardSim’s libraries.

In both cases, the generated code is royalty free and can be run on any computer where the RTI binaries are available.

The process to convert your Simulink model to a C++ application is fairly simple since the HLA Blockset takes care of everything. Once your model works properly, just it

Ctlr-B (Menu Code -> C/C++ Code -> Build Model)

Targets generated using the HLA Blockset Coder can be compiled on any platform as long as the RTI binaries are available for that platform.

rtw1 rtw2