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First I want to say that is very pleasing to work together with you. When I had some problems (bugs, feature requests) during installation or what else Mr. Lebel was always very fast in fixing the named problems or offering a kind of workaround. Thanks again, I would like to have such a good support everywhere!

At the moment I can say, that the Setup of the HLA Toolbox is very user-friendly, you can specify the RTI you have got and for me the provided examples were very helpful, especially that one which shows how it is possible to in integrate the Matlab-Functions into Simulink (I’ve missed that with the MÄK Toolbox). I will give advertisement also to our project partners.

The global project we are using the HLA-Toolbox for, is the IMoST project. IMoST stands for « Integrated Modeling for Safe Transportation ». The project was launched by the research institutes of the SafeTRANS initiative and the participating organizations are the « Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg », the « German Aerospace Center » (DLR in Braunschweig) and the « OFFIS – Institute for Information Technology » also in Oldenburg. In very short words you can say, that we want to improve the safety in transport systems by developing an approach which combines model based design with a psychological perspective. For example if a new driver assistance system is developed it is necessary to focus not only the technical part of the system it is also very important to analyze the interactions between the assistant system and the driver. The HLA-Toolbox will be used in this context to develop some physical car models or assistance systems in Matlab / Simulink which should be connected to other simulators using the HLA. Especially I’m working to get the necessary infrastructure working together (HLA-Toolbox, RTI, Visual Studio and so on) and I implement the HLA interfaces to the different simulators.


Client: Carl von Ossietzky Universität