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 Mobile ISRU plant MATLAB interface

I have used the ForwardSim HLAToolbox since 2011 to develop HLA-Evolved federates in MATLAB in support of the « Simulation Exploration Experience » (formerly « Simulation Smackdown ») outreach event. The federates I developed use MATLAB scripts and graphical user interfaces to model resource scouting and production on the lunar surface, collaborating with other federates via an HLA-Evolved federation.

I have found the HLAToolbox product significantly lowers the barrier to developing HLA-compliant simulation models by allowing individuals without a formal computer science background to use a familiar scripting language rather than a high-level, object-oriented programming language.

The HLAToolbox provides a clean interface to the standard HLA services and includes convenient methods to work with MATLAB data structures. Demo and sample federate implementations included with the product dramatically reduce its learning curve. Finally, ForwardSim provides excellent technical support and has been a strong supporter of university outreach programs.

Project Author: Paul Grogan | Ph.D. Candidate, M.I.T. Engineering Systems Division
Date: 2013