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Tom Coles
MIT Student
Participant in the 2012 SISO Smackdown Simulation event.
I participated in the 2012 SISO Smackdown Simulation event, in which different university groups contributed to a distributed simulation of a lunar mission by developing models of different elements of an exploration architecture using HLA-Evolved.

I found that ForwardSim’s HLAToolbox provided a straightforward interface to the HLA standard from MATLAB, simplifying creation of federates compared to directly using Java or C++ APIs. HLAToolbox worked well with both the Mak and Pitch RTIs used in the Smackdown, enabling interactions with federates written in other languages.

ForwardSim provided excellent technical support with rapid and detailed replies to my questions.

Tom Coles
Jonathan Depasse
System Integrator at DCNS Group
System integrator working with the HLA Blockset
We have created a communication network simulator with the HLABlockset and the HLABlockset Coder. This simulator distributes UDP messages using another toolbox developed by Forwardsim specifically for us. Messages are distributed by simulated communication link which are satellite and UHF links between naval platforms. The list of link elements that is configured and simulated by the simulator on every naval platform is: router, modem, antenna, link (UHF, Satellite) and also some features about naval platforms.

The HLABockset has been used to implement our scenario generator providing some information about naval platforms (position, communication equipment, state …) and environment information (weather, jamming) as well as the combat management system simulator to get UDP messages.

The HLABlockset Coder has been used to generate source code in C++ to obtain an autonomous application from our network communication model.

The grip on the products was facilitated by the quality and responsiveness of technical support that has allowed us to always find a solution to our problems, especially in the implementation of the HLA standard V1.3. In addition, the use of these products allowed us to save time in the development of our simulator.

Jonathan Depasse
More clients speaking
As an newcomer to HLA, The ForwardSim HLA Toolbox was very valuable, as it helped me to quickly and easily create a working federate. The ForwardSim team provided exceptional product support, helping me rapidly improve the performance and compliance of my federate.
Chad Gilbert, M&S Engineer, Weir Canada Inc.
The HLA Toolbox is well supported by help files to make its application clear. The power of the HLA Toolbox allowed the students who used it to concentrate on their simulation and their interface design, and not get caught up in the persnickety details typical of HLA software.
Bill Tucker, Simulationist US Inc.
The HLA Toolbox is very well explained in the delivered documentation and an easy to use program for creating federates especially for students with little programming background.
Immanuel, Munich University
Customer quotes
The HLA Toolbox for MatLab has helped us to achieve quick results and evaluate the functionality of the UAS control messages.
COS System
[…] the overall feeling of your products is positive and a good time-saver for work where HLA should be used together with Simulink and/or MATLAB.
Ola Jakobson | Volvo