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FOM agile at run time
For real efficiency, FOM dependency must stay out of your build process. No need to recompile to join a federation using different FOM’s. The Distributed Sim API handles it all for you.
Context aware marshaling
Data marshaling is a necessity for the HLA standard not for the user of your simulator. Runtime encoding/decoding capability for the FOM of your choice provides the abstraction you want.
Integrated GUI's
Perfectly designed and fully efficient HLA configuration user interfaces accessible from your simulator is a huge time saver and provides uniformity across your HLA compliant tools.
Scripting Capability
Scripting capability makes our solution flexible enough to easily write coordinate conversions or call any HLA services at run time. 
HLA & DIS support
Natively supports HLA and DIS distributed simulation standards. Use the GUI to switch between simulation standards at run time.
Supporting any HLA RTI
True interoperability comes with the flexibility to support any RTI and the capability to switch your RTI configuration at runtime.
Distributed Simulation API

A system based on visionary and innovative ForwardSim technology will provide the most functionality while maximizing reuse and minimizing maintenance costs. The solution will link simulators and guaranty expandability to support future requirements through ForwardSim Distributed Simulation API.

Our solution is designed to facilitate the integration of simulation engines in an HLA/DIS environment providing seamless connectivity.  Building on our strong HLA integration experience from our flagship product, the HLA Toolbox for MATLAB developed and distributed worldwide over the past 10 years, we have recently extended our solution to support virtually any simulator.

Providing access to low level HLA/DIS concepts for advanced users, the DSim API comes with a standard independent high level interface. Using the high level API, a simulator can be used in HLA and DIS environments without any changes. The DSim API comes with built in user interface accessible from your simulator providing standardized distributed simulation configuration for all your simulators.

 Minimizing custom integration work required to support a new simulator; ForwardSim solution provides an API to HLA facilitating integration and utilization many added capabilities. Perfectly suited for any HLA/DIS simulation environment, the technology will provide the required flexibility and assure reusability and interoperability of existing simulators.

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Add a complete layer of connectivity to your simulations using DSim API. Cut your development time by more than 75% and get some ForwardSim exclusive capabilities easily accessible from your application. We take care of the distributed simulation layer.
DSim API deployment capabilities allow you to embed the best of our distributed simulation technology as part of your simulations. End-users of your products do not need run time licenses for the distributed simulation part. Manage your own deployment mechanism even if you have embedded our technology in your application.
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