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A one-time fee is all that is needed for you to fully benefit from your solution. No limits on deployment. DSim API will cut development time by more than 75%.

Turnkey solution
DSim API takes care of all the distributed simulation implementation details through simple integration mechanisms.
Proven Technology
Based on ten years of product development and HLA integration with MATLAB and Simulink, our technology is now available for your project.


Feature Highlights

Distributed Simulation API
matching your requirements

ForwardSim DSim API provides a high level set of functions minimizing the impact on your code and simplifying the simulation overhead while giving you access to all HLA services if required. Simply access DSim API directly from your code or use it to build an HLA/DIS extension (plugin) for your product.

Our powerful set of high level functions provides an easy way to make your simulator HLA/DIS compliant with as low as 4 function calls. This extremelly small footprint will cover 85% of the HLA/DIS requirements encounter in HLA projects plus all the GUI’s required to configure how your simulator will interact with other applications.

The API interface is available in several languages including*:

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Python
No Code Generation
compile strictly your code

ForwardSim innovative approach propose a solution totally flexible straight from the API. The simulator code is linked with the DSim API  library by calling the necessary functions. The solution can be used in a plugin or any external means of communications available from your simulator. The process is really streamlined and does not includes code generation.

Generated code may be confusing since mixing different programing approach create hard to maintain solutions. DSim API takes all the compilation issues away and provides everything needed by the application developer. Working strait from the API avoid any development tool problems and guaranty execution success.

Runtime Intelligent
solutions to your needs

The HLA / DIS integration for your simulator should be done once and for all. This is the approach that we propose with DSim API. Once your simulator has been compiled and linked with our libraries, the following configuration options can be changed at run time from your simulator through the DSim API GUI’s:

  • FOM files or FOM modules;
  • RTI provider and/or bindings;
  • Connection settings (HLA or DIS);
  • HLA or DIS standard version;
  • HLA/DIS federate configuration parameters;
  • Mapping;
Royalty Free Deployment
no runtime licenses

Royalty free deployment! This is what ForwardSim propose. No run time license. Simply get DSim API, integrate it with your solution to make it HLA/DIS compliant, package it and manage your own distribution model royalty free with regards to DSim API.

LUA Scripting
end user flexibility

LUA is a interpreted language providing great execution performances with an impressing facility to use.  Scripting capability have been embedded in DSim API for data manipulation at run time (e.g.: coordinate conversation, scale factor, unit conversion, and more …), HLA callback implementation or to call HLA services through DSim API.

Our LUA integration comes with editing and debugging capability. This is an end user functionality providing complete control over data exchange with other applications at run time.

Virtually anything can be set through our LUA scripting interface including:

  • coordinate conversion (common conversion included)
  • data transformation
  • HLA callback implementation
  • HLA config through any HLA services
  • and more …
Slick Interfaces
make them match your style

DSim API provides out of the box configuration GUI’s to properly configure your simulator for distributed interaction. Our documented interface greatly simplify your work and provide the necessary background information for those not so familiar with HLA/DIS.

When packaging our interface with your simulator, you can make them match the look and feel of your application simple by applying your own interface skins.

Preconfigured Mapping
comes with your final solution

The mapping is the link between your simulator data and the wider simulation (federation) data. With DSim API, mapping for a specific combination of standard and/or FOM module can be created and distributed. For example, if you are using HLA, you can provide mapping information between you simulator and the RPR FOM (or any other FOM). These mapping can be distributed with your simulator, edited by the users or completely redefined by them.

Integrated Data Filtering
minimizing data exchange

Using both HLA and DIS, DSim API provides means of filtering information exchange between your simulator and the federation. Data filtering is applicable to data type and frequency update. You get a better control over data transfer minimizing risk of network overflow.

Endless Possibilities
total flexibility

DSim API can virtually be integrated with any piece of software that has a requirement for distributed simulation in a fraction of the time it would take to do it from scratch. The integration is done once, comes with an impressive set of features and support all standards, all FOM modules and all RTI. Automatic data encoding/decoding capability significantly reduce implementation time and allow the end user to work with high level data representation. Scripting functionality provides the flexibility needed by the end user to fully customize simulation behavior.

* contact ForwardSim for 2015 language support roadmap

Successful Integrations