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The Time Saver Tool

Visualize FOM
FOM visual is provided from your development environment saving valuable time to access FOM information.
Auto Encode/Decode
Don’t worry about data type and data conversion. Marshaling is made automatically on the fly.
Data Mapping
Link local simulator variables to the federation defined objects from a nicely designed interface.
FOM Add-on

The FOM Add-on reduces the time needed to work with complex FOM like the RPR FOM. Available for the HLA Toolbox and the HLA Blockset it reduce the time needed to understand the FOM file.

The code generated by the HLA Toolbox, provides an object oriented class structure based on the information in the FOM. The end user work at the Object attributes (or Interaction parameters) level. No need to make sense out of the FOM complex data structure and types, this Add-on is doing it all.

Built on top of the traditional features of the HLA Toolbox, the FOM Add-on provides a higher level of programming when developing the HLA federates in MATLAB without removing any of the flexibility of the HLA Toolbox.

The FOM Add-on provides automatic Encoding and Decoding capabilities.

FOM Add-on

Reduce complexity
Increase efficiency
Save time
Client speaking
The ForwardSim team provided exceptional product support, helping me rapidly improve the performance and compliance of my federate.
Chad Gilbert | Weir Canada, Inc.