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Simulink interface to HLA


The HLA Blockset™ provides a library of Simulink® blocks specifically designed for the integration of HLA services into Simulink®. Using the HLA Blockset, you can connect your Simulink models to a distributed simulation using the High Level Architecture standard HLA 1.3, IEEE 1516 or IEEE 1516-2010 (HLA Evolved).

Features include easy configuration, high level interface to minimize implementation time, auto type conversion and vector support.

Within minutes, transform your Simulink model into a live interactive application exchanging information with other software components without programming language or operating system constraint. Apply changes to your model and simply execute the new model for impact analysis.



  • HLA 1.3, IEEE 1516 and IEEE 1516-2010 (Evolved)
  • HLA 1.3 RTI with Dynamic Link Compatible (DLC) API.
  • IEEE 1516 standard compliant RTI’s like pRTI1516 and MAK RTI.
  • MATLAB R2008b and above.
  • HLA federates developed with the HLA Blockset are fully compliant with the HLA standard, therefore they are compatible with any other HLA software or tools meeting the same standard.
  • ForwardSim can compile a version of the HLA Blockset for your own RTI.


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