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Rapid development of HLA Federates
using MATLAB

Brilliant user interfaces
Easily configure HLA settings from efficient user interfaces. Visualize your FOM file to publish and subscribe to HLA objects and interactions.
Total Flexibility
HLA Toolbox implements the full range of HLA services and let you configure your model the way you want.
All standards & FOM
Supporting HLA 1.3, IEEE 1516-2000 and IEEE 1516-2010 (HLA Evolved) the HLA Toolbox is also FOM agile.
Complete RTI support
From commercial to the open source RTI, ForwardSim technology supports any HLA compliant RTI.
Out of The Box
Download, install and create your first HLA federate in minutes. Run our complete HLA federation demos
Priority support
Our technical team will help you work efficiently with our products, make sure your project get started rapidly and meet your requirements.
Distributed Simulations with MATLAB

Powerfull development environment

Benefit from the features of the MATLAB environment to easily and rapidly implement your models. Data crunching, 2D/3D graph, debugging & profiling capability, C/C++ integration and more…

Seamless HLA integration

The HLA Toolbox user interface provides m-code generation that can be fully customized to implement your model behavior. Minimizing HLA project start-ups you get more time to work on your model.

Full compatibility

The HLA Toolbox simplifies integration. Different RTI or different version of the HLA standard can be use without any change to your model. The HLA Toolbox is completely FOM agile and has been used extensively with the RPR FOM.

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Key Features
  • Run HLA federate from MATLAB® / Simulink®
  • Configure federate RTI interface with the hlaGUI
  • Work with any valid Federation Object Model (FOM)
  • Generate m-code automatically
  • Use the preformatted RTI callbacks m-files
  • Implement all HLA 1.3, IEEE 1516 and IEEE 1516-2010 service and support classes
  • Optimize your work with several utility functions and sample federations
  • Integrate C/C++ code in your MATLAB® federate
  • Generate stand alone federate using the MATLAB® Compiler
  • The HLA standard for distributed simulation is designed to promote standardization in the M&S community and to facilitate the reuse of M&S components. Mainly used by the defense industry, HLA has a great potential for applications such as Aerospace, Biomedical, Automotive, R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing simulations.
  • The HLA Toolbox™ provides the necessary tools to simulation developers to seamlessly connect MATLAB models as federate in any HLA federation. The HLA Toolbox™ is currently used in Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Transportation/Traffic Analysis and Communications. It is used by different industries and universities.
  • Engineers and scientists familiar with MATLAB can start building HLA federations without having to learn all the details of the HLA standard by taking advantage of the HLA Toolbox capabilities.
Code sample
  1. createFederationExecution(federationName, fedFilePath);
  2. federateHandle = joinFederationExecution(federateName, federationName);
  3. enableAsynchronousDelivery;
  4. enableTimeConstrained;
  5. while ( ~timeConstrained )
  6. tick(0.01, 1.0);
  7. end
  8. publish_subscribe{1} = {‘publish’,’ObjectRoot.BaseEntity.PhysicalEntity’,{‘WorldLocation’}};
  9. received_ids = hlaAutoPublishSubscribe(publish_subscribe);
  10. baseEntityInstance_id = registerObjectInstance(received_ids{1}(1));
  11. ahvps = AttributeHandleValuePairSet;
  12. ahvps = add(ahvps, received_ids{1}(2), localWorldLocation);
  13. updateAttributeValues(baseEntityInstance_id, ahvps, ‘tag’);
  14. empty(ahvps);
  15. timeAdvanceRequest( requestTime );
  16. while( timeAdvGranted ~= 1 )
  17. tick(0.01, 1.0);
  18. end
  19. resignFederationExecution(‘DELETE_OBJECTS_AND_RELEASE_ATTRIBUTES’);
  20. destroyFederationExecution(federationName);
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ForwardSim offers toolkits for MatLab and Simulink which allow students with limited programing skills to very quickly master the intricacies of the IEEE 1516 standard High Level Architecture.
William Tucker | President of Simulationist US Inc
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