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  • University Alabama Huntsville

    ForwardSim is a very active sponsor and supporter of SimSmackdown. This annual event in which universities around the world conduct a collegial competition which concludes in a live demonstration of the newly developed large complex simulation for which each team developed one or more federates (individual elements of the larger simulation). User: Bill Tucker, President of Simulationist US Inc (and student member of the 2013 ...

  • Munich University

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  • Paul Grogan MIT

     Mobile ISRU plant MATLAB interface Project Author: Paul Grogan | Ph.D. Candidate, M.I.T. Engineering Systems Division Date: 2013

  • COS System

    We have been using the HLA Toolbox for MatLab to implement the control messages between CUCS-Core UAV Control System and VSM - Vehicle Specific Module in accordance with STANAG 4586 (Edition 2 (Standard Interfaces of UAV Control System (UCS) for NATO UAV Interoperability). We have successfully developed a 6 DoF Simulation of a Stratospheric UAS including environment (temperature, pressure, density, gravitation and wind data) and ...

  • Carl von Ossietzky Universität

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  • Hokkaiodo University

    My name is Satoshi Kanai. I'm studying a system modeling and simulation research area as a professor of systems science and informatics division in Graduate School of Information Science and Technology in Hokkaido University. Our lab have been using the HLA Toolbox for connecting the three or four different simulators and 3D CAD systems (CATIA) in order to predict the dynamic behavior of the ...